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Hello World 1

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  1. Cori says:

    Hi Adam!!
    I wanted to thank you so much for all that you did on Sunday! You were so professional and so amazing! I am grateful the other truck was booked and you were able to serve us with so much excellence.
    I heard the greatest thank you’s from so many people about the way you treated our guest and that is appreciated.
    You were appreciated.
    You have a new client for life and anyone who experienced you at the event will surely be a client for you in the future.
    I cannot wait to have you on our next event!!!
    And thank you so much for the coffee. My family was in town for the past day and half so now
    Thank you again and Have an amazing day. If you need anything from me please reach out anytime.

  2. Travis says:


    Just wanted to say how much I LOVE YOUR TRUCK! Thank you for coming to LoveLife and serving your deliciousness. So many people were raving about your creations. You added to the energy and success of the event and your efforts are highly appreciated!

    We will be having more events in the future. I hope we can work together again!

    Have a good one,



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