Put Your Coffee Passion On Gears

About Us

Coffee On Gears

I was born in El Salvador, and moved the U.S.A. when I was 12 years old. I remember our delicious coffee very well. Now as an adult I missed the wonderful taste. Coffee on Gears™ was founded with a passion for coffee and true passion for classic automobiles, and everything on gears. Just image every morning you have a great cup of coffee and take a ride in favorite toy. All of the coffees we purchased are certified organic by a USDA/National Organic Program accredited certifying agency. In addition, we are a USDA National Organic Program roasting facility. We are pleased to offer you high quality product for a very good price. Our suppliers have been in the coffee growing practice for generations, their passion for coffee is as big as our passion for automotive, bikes, etc. By combining these two passions you have Coffee On Gears™, Put your passion in first gear. (Coffee On Gears Organic) is a North American trade mark Serial Number 85866914